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"Work-Life Harmony is not something you do - its something you CREATE."      - Dr. Minesha White

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Maximize Your Free Work - Life Harmony Planner
There are a number of ways to maximize and customize your planner; take a look below & let the fun began!
Preferred Pad folio
This is a high-performer's dream come true! It even has
a removal binder pad so that you can sort the printables
in the order that works best
for you. 
Planner Stickers
Buy planner stickers now that will arrive at your door step for up less than $5! Custom stickers available now!
Print Anytime. Anywhere!
PrintWithMe is a self-serve, wireless printer station found in nationwide coffee shops, co-working spaces, apartment buildings and more.
Choose Your Booklist
Now here's your opportunity to accelerate your literacy leadership. Tip- See what books they have on Audible!
Work - Life Harmony
Goal Guide
Don't know what small action steps to make for your goals? Click the link above and let us help you get started with    some ideas. 
Free Adult Coloring Pages
If the last time you colored, you had pony-tails, you are going to LOVE this experience. Its a therapeutic way to support your mental health.
Tip: Heighten your experience by listening to instrumentals with headphones.
Join thousands of women 
who are breaking themselves FREE with Work - Life Harmony
Take your Work-Life Harmony journey to the NEXT LEVEL by subscribing to be an E-member inside of our stress-free universe  for high-performing women.  Click below and learn more about the creator of the Work-life Harmony method, Dr. Minesha White plus all of the benefits and support you will receive on your journey to your DEVINE IDENTITY. 
Bonus Planner Printables
Each month we reveal a brand new planner printable to take your planner experience to the next level!
Click the month to below to download.
More Coming Soon!
This Work-Life Harmony planner is perfect for :
Over 80% of Corporate leaders experience work related stress daily, poor eating habits- mostly due to travel and the guilt and frustration from the overwhelming struggle of juggling work AND life.  The Work - Life Harmony planner is the solution because its strategically designed to promote higher levels of peace and performance. 
Corporate Leaders
Stay at Home Moms
3 out of 5 Stay at Home moms are actively growing an additional stream of income; all while taking care of family, serving in their community and even pursuing a degree online. Whether you're married, single or divorced, the Work - Life Harmony planner serves as a tremendous accountability tool so that you don't miss a beat!
Women now own more than 46% of small owned businesses and over a third or still working in their career. And unlike Corporate America, you are your own BOSS and so if YOU don't do it, most times, it won't get done. This work - Life Harmony planner shows you how to delegate, automate, systematize and prioritize like the BOSS!
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